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Doylefest began in September 2014 as a birthday party, music-festival style celebration on Eliza Doyle’s land located outside of Saskatoon, near Asquith, SK. As it has continually grown, she has since developed the birthday celebration into the major fundraiser platform that serves to bring music and art lessons, experiences, residencies, projects and instruments to under-served and remote communities in Saskatchewan. 


A new partnership with the Eagle Creek Regional Park is seeing the festival moved to a fully-serviced campground with amenities such as washrooms and showers, a concession stand, disc golf, mini-golf and 9-Hole golf, children’s area, walking trails, electrical and non-electrical camp spots, and space available for your horses if you choose to ride there!


Doylefest features 34 different musical acts, children's performances, face painting, tie dying, old fashioned family games and late night jamming. Tickets are $30 for the day, or $50 for a full weekend and available at the gate or online. The festival runs Friday 6 pm - 12 pm, Saturday 11 am - 12 pm, and Sunday 11 am - 3 pm. Electrical and non-electrical campsites are available to reserve.




Dog River Band, Old Joe and The Truth Hurts, Clayton Linthicum & Special Guests, Oral Fuentes Reggae Band, The Shakey Elevators,   Lancelot Knight and Night Switch, Vanessa Gauvin,, Joe Jackson, Chesterfield, Eliza Doyle & Friends, Joseph Naytowhow, Chris Vasseur, Aryn Murray, Brodie Mohninger, JoRo, Senaya the Fiddler, Grassy Blues, Troy Hudson Band, Phoenix and the Silver Voodoos, John Murray & Friends,  Fabian Minnema,, David Freeman, Old Sols, Aurora Bella, Micah Erenberg, Oscars Hollow, ZHE the Free, Blackstar, Swamp Cats Jazz, LJ Tyson, Francisco Ultra, Dash Reimer, Gillian Snider


2020 Doylefest Kind-Of 

Eliza Mary Doyle, Mitchell Dureault, Ed Doyle, Gord Nodge, John Murray, Terri Bear, Jovan Loree, LJ Tyson



The Blackstrap Mountaineers, Barley Wik, Jezebel, Oscar’s Hollow, Wilma & Scott, Corner Grass, Steph Cameron, Ugly Rumours, Chase Walker Band, Chesterfield, The Lost Highway Navigators, Emmett Hall, The Chickadees, Old Joe and The Truth Hurts, Carly Kat and The Monkey’s Uncles, Paddy Tutty, Raven She Hollers, Cranky Show, Happy Teardrops, Mitch Dureault, Angela Guenther & Mike Simon, Raven Reid, Joelle Fuller, Sabelle Martel, Jess & Dustin, Norman Doerkson, Troy Hudson and Broken Horse, Aurora Bella, Eliza Mary Doyle Band, The 2EZ Band, Rhythm and Play with Malika Sellami, LoneWolfDOC, Danica Lorer, Maria Doyle.

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