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SOA Fiddle Mentorship Program

CAMP is pleased to partner with the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association in offering a Fiddle Mentorship Program in the Northern Saskatchewan communities of Hall Lake, Sucker River and La Ronge. There is a longstanding tradition of fiddling and jigging in many Northern communities in Saskatchewan, and throughout the years there are less and less fiddlers. The youth have limited to no access to teachers or a fiddle program, and it is our aim to help reverse this trend!

A mentee program has never been offered before in the area for fiddling, and it is a tremendous asset and opportunity not only for the community, but for all surrounding communities that our fiddle program is hoping to expand to. There is a shortage of trained fiddle teachers in Saskatchewan to deliver the program, and we are in the process of fixing this!

 Through this mentorship program, we are using this as a stepping stone to involve other existing community organizations and string programs, SOA and non-SOA alike, who have excellent players, but lack the skill-set on how to teach. This way we will have a snowball effect entering the entirety of the surrounding region! 

Long live the tradition of fiddling! Teacher J.J Guy mentored musicians Kacy Anderson and Micah Erenberg in the communities of Hall Lake and Sucker River in December 2021. This was a huge success, and now Saskatchewan has gained 2 more trained and qualified Fiddle Teachers!

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