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Trauma-Informed and Culturally-Sensitive Arts Training Course (TACT):

Trauma and Cultural Sensitivity Training (TACT) is for everyone! If yourself, your organization, or anyone you know is seeking a further understanding about cultural appropriation, cultural protocol, white privilege,Treaties, land acknowledgments, trauma, vicarious trauma, intergenerational trauma, reconciliation, what to do with suicide and abuse disclosures or how to make meaninful community connections, TACT is for you and/or your organization.

Girls Rock Camp

In partnership with Girls Rock Saskatoon, 11 instructors, 4 Elders, 6 mentees and 25 participants Rock The Mission: Girls Rock Camp was born in February 2020 in Stanley Mission, Sk.

In consultation with local Woodland Cree women and Elders, the camp is designed to strengthen cultural identity and positive relationships within female & female identifying community members. The 2nd Annual Rock The Mission: Girls Rock Camp will be happening February 21st - 25th.

Girls Rock Volunteers.jpeg


A Bachelor of Education Degree is not a requirement for teaching in many specialty subjects in school such as music, carpentry, automotive..etc, especially in remote and under-served communities where it is hard to attract and retain individuals to instruct. Relevant teaching experience and expertise is
necessary, and many musicians in our province have the capabilities to deliver this in our schools. Our first school
Stanley Mission has now offered a full-time music teaching position

Music in Schools

A project to have a Full-Time Music Teacher between both the Elementary School and High School funded through the school division.

The program has proven to be so successful that schools in La Ronge, Air Ronge, Sucker River and Hall Lake have followed suit! We now have a Full-Time Music Teacher between all 4 schools. It is amazing to see this program in 5 schools, and be able to employ Saskatchewan musicians to teach full-time. All teachers have been offered Trauma & Cultural Sensitivity Training (TACT) and are provided with the CAMP Curriculum Resource Kit.  

Kid and Fiddle.jpg

SOA Fiddle Mentorhip Program

CAMP is pleased to partner with the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association in offering a Fiddle Mentorship Program in the Northern Saskatchewan communities of Hall Lake, Sucker River and La Ronge. There is a longstanding tradition of fiddling and jigging in many Northern communities in Saskatchewan, and throughout the years there are less and less fiddlers. The youth have limited to no access to teachers or a fiddle program, and it is our aim to help reverse this trend!

A mentee program has never been offered before in the area for fiddling, and it is a tremendous asset and opportunity not only for the community, but for all surrounding communities that our fiddle program is hoping to expand to.

C.A.M.P Curriculum Development

We are thrilled to partner with the Saskatchewan Music Educators Association (SMEA) to create a FREE Music Teacher Resource Kit!

The information package and music resource kit will help prepare musicians to teach in remote, under-served and vulnerable communities in Saskatchewan.  In the Resource Kit you will information on Treaties and the 70 First Nations Communities in Saskatchewan, Land Acknowledgements, Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Protocols and Sensitivity, Community and Relationship Building Techniques, Tips for Dealing with Disclosures of Trauma (Vicarious and Intergenerational Trauma), Disclosures and Legal Responsibility (Suicide/Abuse), Fillable Community Contacts List and The Importance of Self-Care.


Festival of Words

 Festival of Words, an organization based in Moose Jaw, Sk.  offers workshops presented by authors, spoken word poets, poets and songwriters to Northern schools.  CAMP is very appreciative of this partnership, as it is connecting remote communities with the rest of Saskatchewan through music videos and collaborations. 

Hip Hop Collaboration

 A collaborative hip-hop workshop in both Elementary Schools and High Schools. 

The workshop includes the following elements; what hip hop is, how it relates to our lives, and how we go about making music together. There is an example of the instructors playing  and writing a song, and at the end of the workshop, the students participate in writing and performing a song based on what they learned. 

The workshops take on the same form for all ages, but the lyrical themes and instruments used were tailored to fit the age group.  As CAMP continues to return to the same communities they've started with, it shows commitment, builds connection and trust, and demonstrates meaningful reconciliation. 

Eliza in Stanley Mission Ukulele.jpg

Music Teacher Mentorship

Mentoring Saskatchewan musicians on how to work with remote and underserved communities through hands-on experience is CAMP’s latest endeavor. Teaching musicians how to teach and instruct is invaluable to expanding music programming into more communties, and we are excited to partner with the National Arts Center to provide these in depth learning experiences for musicians.

A mentee program has never been offered before through CAMP, and we are grateful to offer this new program.

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