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Mobile Recording Studio in the works!

Coming complete with a drop down festival stage and living quarters, CAMP is in the beginning stages of planning this important resource for our province. Many communities we work with have many beautiful and important stories and songs that could be documented and celebrated for themselves, our province, country and world.

Having limited housing in many remote and underserved communities means we are not able to begin or complete the many projects that deserve attention. Having living quarters within the mobile recording studio will allow us to connect with many communities that otherwise might not be able to receive programming.

The dream of having a songwriter, audio and video engineer means we can write songs, record them and make music videos all in one place! Furthermore, the many stories and songs from the community can be recorded and preserved for generations to come.

Our Capital Fundraising Campaign is being designed, and we are seeking many partnerships, sponsorships and donations for this monumental project. Contact us to get ahead of the rush and get involved now!


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