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Our Team

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Eliza Doyle


Eliza is a professional musician, songwriter and recording artist, teacher, community advocate, leader and is the co-founder behind Saskatchewan’s newest arts organization, C.A.M.P; Community Arts Mentorship Program. Her focus on fostering the arts while supporting local community capacity to deliver arts programming has been welcomed throughout communities in Saskatchewan. Offering services to remote and under-served communities presents new challenges, and all of CAMP programming serves to mitigate these obstacles. Familiar with the arts and music industry in Saskatchewan, she also aims to provide the opportunity and mentorship available to people with challenges in access due to location and lack of resources.

Holly Rae Yuzicapi


The co-founder of CAMP and a proud Dakota/Lakota from the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation in Treaty 4 Territory, Saskatchewan.  Holly grew up in the beautiful Qu'Appelle valley.  Coming from a large family, Holly has been able to observe and learn from many generations of the Goodwill and Yuzicapi families.  The strength of her sense of identity was nurtured and shaped by her family and community.  Without realizing it at the time, Holly started doing cultural arts sharing from a young age which really is rooted in participating in powwow dancing and attending other cultural events on a regular basis.  She has evolved into an independent natural materials artist that loves to facilitate cultural arts engagement opportunities to all audiences.  Holly is proud of how she was raised and is very thankful for all that her family has taught her.  Respectfully representing the spirit and potential of those teachings is why Holly does the work that she does.  It is how she chooses to honour her family.

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Joseph Naytowhow

Board Member

Joseph Naytowhow is a gifted Plains/Woodland Cree (nehiyaw) singer/songwriter, storyteller, and voice, stage and film actor from the Sturgeon Lake First Nation Band in Saskatchewan. As a child, Joseph was influenced by his grandfather’s traditional and ceremonial chants as well as the sounds of the fiddle and guitar. Today he is renowned for his unique style of Cree/English storytelling, combined with original contemporary music and traditional First Nations drum and rattle songs.  Joseph holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan. As an innovative artist, mentor, and a committed arts educator he fully embraces his own lifelong learning curve.

Mitchell Dureault


Mitch Dureault is a seasoned professional music instructor and traditional musician, who comes from the Treaty 4 Territory of the southern Saskatchewan prairies. Currently sitting as a board member, and working instructor for C.A.M.P., Mitch is an advocate for the arts and has a strong focus on decolonizing his own music & teaching practices. He regularly draws from his B.A. in International Studies while working with and aiding organisations, communities, and schools in the development and implementation of equitable and continual art programming throughout the province. Mitch is also very passionate about the promotion and preservation of the local culture of Saskatchewan fiddling and has been making efforts to visit and interview as many fiddlers as possible from across the province for his Saskatchewan Fiddle History Project, a multi-year project in which he collects stories, tunes, and histories from these individuals in an attempt to preserve and document the ever evolving diverse intricacies of the provinces fiddling culture.

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          Zoe Slusar


Zoe Slusar was the voice actress for Kid Goku in the English dubs of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT anime, done by Blue Water Studios. She also provided the voice of Sai Saici in Kidou Butouden G Gundam, as well as the video game Gundam: Battle Assault 2.

Zoe also voiced the character Jungo in the Flemish created series.

Zoe, also known by her stage name ZHE the Free, released her first rap EP album titled The Love EP in September 2020. This album charted #1 on 90.9 CJSW in Calgary, Alberta in November 2020.


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Lillanohna Naytowhowcon

Board Member

LILI, an Indigenous singer, songwriter, and recording artist hailing from Sturgeon Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan, blends her passion for music and independent songwriting. She is actively engaged in community projects that celebrate and honour Indigenous culture through a fusion of traditional Cree songs, indie rock, folk, hip-hop, and dance music.


In 2024, expect the release of her music under the esteemed blessed-street record label, marking a significant chapter in her musical journey. The album includes collaboration with recording artist Lancelot Knight in Six Underwater, showcasing her versatility. Proudly identifying as a nehiyaw iskwew, she seamlessly weaves her creative pursuits into a traditional lifestyle, contributing to a First Nation Healing Lodge under the guidance of elders and knowledge keepers.


The past year has been a transformative period characterized by healing and growth, with her music echoing the spirit of loss, hope, and perseverance. Her vocal style is both distinctive and heartfelt, drawing inspiration from grassroots music festivals, independent artists, and the eclectic vibes of the city. A nomadic spirit with a touch of witchy charm, LILI invites all to partake in the enchantment of her melodies.

Travis Beatty

Board Member
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Travis Beatty is from Timber Bay, Saskatchewan and is instrumentalist. He has a studio in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan called Rez Rat Recording, and is passionate about helping community and youth in Saskatchewan. He joined the CAMP Sask Arts Board of Directors in October 2023, and we are very lucky to have him!


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Steph Cameron

Board Member

Saskatchewan-based artist Steph Cameron has gained recognition for her unique take on contemporary Americana music, lively instrumentation, and captivating lyrics. From her early days of busking, she has become an internationally touring professional recording artist. Her critically acclaimed debut album, Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady, released on Pheromone Recordings in 2014, was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize and praised as the #1 Canadian album of that year by PopMatters, while No Depression called it "a stunning debut." This success led her to join the Paquin Artist Agency and embark on national tours.

Cameron's powerful vocal melodies, intriguing storytelling, and skillful guitar work have earned her growing industry and fan awareness. Her follow-up album, Daybreak Over Jackson Street, garnered further acclaim, with UK reviewer Three Chords and the Truth labelling it "a masterpiece of social commentary" and Europe's Folk and Tumble noting its “captivating” nature. The album expanded her reach, leading to multiple European and UK tours in 2018/2019 and a partnership with Sedate Bookings.

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